I am not so sorry to see the back of 2012

by MissAliBlahBlah

I was going to post a long time ago – it feels like ages and I feel like I have neglected this blog a little.

The reason for this is below.

And here it is:


Yes, ‘Ouch’ would be right!!!

I took my brother and a friend to the Vans Warped Tour UK.

I had been having a really lovely time.  Minding my own business and just enjoying the music.

Out of nowhere some girl tries to get her fingers in my eye.

I had nowhere to go as the venue was fit to busting – there appeared to be some major safety issues going on at this point with doors being shut, people getting locked into rooms unable to move yadda yadda, but the point of this is that I had nowhere to go, there was nothing I could do.

I am most definitely a lover not a fighter, I’ll talk you to death but that’s about it.

What happened next was a minute or two…if that, of horribleness.

She lept out of the crowd, one hand pinning my arm across me, the other pulling at my hair, in the same momentum taking us both to the floor.  Someone referred to this as a typical ‘street rat’. Perplexed that there is even a name for such behaviour it transpires this is thing that ‘girls’ are doing to each other.  Go for the eyes, then the hair, then take it to the floor.

This girl seemed totally out of it.

In some ways I hope she was as at least then there would be some explanation for such a heinous act.  What has resulted is quite some time off work, concussion of levels I’ve never experienced.  It’s now almost 2 months since the attack and I still can’t see properly and am still experiencing severe head pain.  Yes I am under the care of doctors and hospitals and know what is going on but what a sad world we are living in that someone behaves this way for no reason.

It would appear she was running from something with security right on her, so it appears I just got in the way.  The sad thing is – security just left me and took this girl away, only to release her back into the crowd.  I really hope that nothing else was done by her to anyone else.  I have contemplated contacting Vans Warped Tour to let them know this is what happened due to an unfortunate person, and security that didn’t follow procedures.  But I wonder how much good it would really do.  Will they really care?

This world just doesn’t seem to care much anymore.

It breaks my heart that people are getting so aggressive, seem to be so full of hate and selfishness.

It makes me sad to think that people can’t just go out and have a good time.  The friends this girl was with seemed to just stand back and shake their heads….how sad that this is something they appear to be so used to her doing!  What has gone wrong to make youth so angry – to make places so unsafe.

And to know there isn’t much you can do about it.

I am just glad I have thick hair and it is hat season!