That little thing called lust……..

by MissAliBlahBlah

I haven’t felt that in a while.

That little flutter – that building up of something that you’re not sure whether it’s going to make you pop or fizz, either way it feels like you are going to explode into a million tiny little bubbles and just  bob along on the fringes of reality.

It’s a lovely feeling.

It starts of making you feel a little sick and then folds over like a breaking wave into something lovely.

Your eyes mist over, the world becomes shrouded in a pink veil.

Life feels good.

Everything is bouncing – just like your heart.

A crescendo builds up – you are sure everyone else can hear the singing – the cymbals crashing – the harp – your heart strings – it feels so loud.

But it’s only you and your little world – no one else can tell.

Unless they look into your eyes.

Once they’ve looked into your eyes it is game over.

They’ll know.

The whole world will know.

If they just take the time to look into your eyes and notice that something has changed.

Why did you come into my life at that point and in that way?

Why has my mind and my heart been handed to you so easily.

You don’t even know it yet but you could destroy me.

Please don’t.

Let the birds sing – let the crescendo build.

Let’s see if our waves break together.

I’ll race you to the shore.