Dream a little dream with me

by MissAliBlahBlah

tumblr_lr0dvi15IX1qdzpbco1_500I want a door….or a big window leading out into a patch of my own little woodland.

I want to be able to amble outdoors and be at one with nature within seconds.

I want the quiet – the noise surrounding me to be my own.

I want peace.

I want community.

I want a wall of friends. Good friends.

I want to spend my days talking, drinking nice wine. Just shooting the breeze, putting the world to rights….and laughing….lots and lots of laughing.

Music being played on the stereo and by me.

Writing…lots and lots of writing, with the odd bubble bath and good book thrown in for good measure.

It shouldn’t be hard to obtain but right now feels too far away.

I need that to change.