If you go down to the woods today

by MissAliBlahBlah



How does that picture make you feel? Cold? Small? Surrounded? Suffocated? Or ridiculously free?

The reality of living like this is not going to be the same as a daydream….I guess that is why some dreams are never meant to come true. It’s why you should pay attention to where your mind wonders too as that is where your heart or your interests lie. It’s the closest you’ll get to following your gut reaction before you actually act on anything.

To have a bolt hole like this would be amazing. To shut out the world from time to time, if that makes me anti social then I am ok with that label. I prefer to see it as investment in self, something so many (and something the modern world positively encourages us to) neglect.

I couldn’t live without music – but I guess I could make my own.
I wouldn’t miss the news because it is never positive.
I make up stories all the time so I would be happy to write and write and write.

Company? Well I bet those woods are just full of it – the kind that is nice and doesn’t get stroppy or answer back or be mean (animals).

Then I would come back to reality.

It would be a nice break from life for a while though.