by MissAliBlahBlah


What a wonderful statement.
So obvious and so true….and frankly so much like common sense.
But how often do you find yourself with a friend that is not treating you right or has turned on you?
How often do you find yourself in a situation where someone is being mean, you know that it’s normally out of jealousy but it doesn’t help you, you still start to doubt yourself, you still start to feel damaged.
No one has the right to make you feel damaged. No one has the right to make you question yourself.

I know it sounds like only words and it takes some guts to do this….but only have good people in your inner circle.
Even if that inner circle is two people – far better to spend all your time with two people that treat you right and make you feel good than to see loads of different people all the time that are just waiting to trip you up.

Friendship is a special word – to have someone be your friend is a great honor.
Give that title to only those that really deserve it.
And if someone has given that title to you – respect it.