Shhhhh, silence is golden!

by MissAliBlahBlah


At school, if you are quiet, you are told you are too shy and you will get nowhere.

If you are quiet at work, you are dismissed, people assume so much, but don’t know you at all.

And that’s just it – if the whole world was talking it would be horrible noise.

You need people to listen sometimes.

To think before they reply.

Those that are silent sometimes are listening, they are paying attention, they take things in, they notice, they remember.

So instead of ridiculing someone who is silent – maybe they are the one’s to be feared.

When they talk it is usually worth listening too.

When they walk away – they are taking with them a wealth of knowledge.

They probably know the talkers better than they think, whilst the talkers in turn, know nothing about the quiet one.

One day I think the quiet ones will take over the world.