Paper Hearts & Tin Foil Tiaras ♥

The diary of a girl

Month: July, 2013

Just to be…………

I want a cabin in the woods
And a house in the trees
I want to run around laughing
Fall down; get dirty knees
I want to feel the sun
Bringing life to my skin
I want to run on the beach
Find the ocean, jump straight in
I want to have time on my hands
To write, to sing, to just be
I want to embrace everything
Just to be happy to be me
I won’t care for fashion
Or silly little things
I will care about the world
And all the joy that brings
I will live with a light step
Care for all that I can
I just want to be happy
That is my only plan
To be as free
As free can be
To find magic and wonder
In every little thing I see


My wish list

I want to live in a cabin with a little tree house to escape to and an old vintage caravan as a writing room.
I want a little garden – permanently set up for a tea party.
I want a baby lamb that stays as a baby lamb to skip about to its hearts content.
I want to spend the day taking photos of the ocean and writing.
Free time would be spent making things and taking walks in the wood and at night I would walk along the beach.
I’d drink sparkling rose wine from teacups.
I’d probably have a little wind chime of shells in my hair.
I’d wake up every day thankful and feeling alive.
My walls wouldn’t have wallpaper on them – they would be covered in books.
The furniture would be rustic and the chairs would all be slightly over sized so you feel like a child again when your feet didn’t touch the floor.
I’d tie balloons filled with water and baking soda (a renewable source version of helium) and tie them to the top of the treehouse so I can pretend I am in the movie UP!
I’d walk barefoot as much as possible.
I’d have a tepee in the garden, filled with cushions, a camp fire base outside with marshmallows and sticks at the ready. A blanket would be pinned down on the floor so you could star gaze to your hearts content.
My loved ones would live very near and visit often.
The rest of the world could stay on the doorstep.

Well that's me screwed then!
I want one!!!

I want one!!!