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Month: September, 2013

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Hello lovely people

As you may or may not know I have got a new blog going

I have long since stopped using my blogspot blog and have not been using this one as much as I should.  I feel I tried out many blogging sites and now can’t give any the full attention they deserve.

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In the paper today I saw an article where an 8 year old girl died from internal injuries suffered on her marital bed on her wedding night.  This would be her wedding to a man who is 40 years old.

Nowhere, never, no way, no how should that EVER be ok and to be accepted on the grounds of religion.

I am not one to judge but good grief… 8 year old (and sometimes younger from what I hear) is never old enough for that sort of thing, not just emotionally but most definitely physically.

If this is dangerous territory I don’t really care – the death of a child from something like this is a disgrace.  Heaven knows how many other poor souls have suffered.

There are reports that there is feeling that the husband and the bride’s family should be arrested.  More to the point I think such acts should be made illegal.

If you had sex with an 8 year old in my country you would be arrested, you would do jail time for this and be put on a sex offenders register.  And rightly bloomin’ so.

Religion should be a kind and peaceful thing that some people find solace in.

It should not defy basic human law against a child.


Hello people!

I have a new blog! You can find it

It is only just beginning but hopefully you can all be a part of the growth!

Thank you ☼